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Give an order
Before you buy in our webstore, you have to make a registration, where you give the data of delivery and of the invoice. For filling an order, the following conditions are valid: You can order only through the webshop. After the receipt of the order, we confirm it. First, with an automatically e-mail that indicates that the order was committed by the system. If you do not get an automatically confirmation per e-mail or per telephone within 24 hours, please, check your mailbox or perhaps your spam folder (our mail may be considered a spam by the system), or contact us per e-mail, personally or per telephone.

After receiving your order we will send you a proforma-invoice. Please transfer the amount of the proforma-invoice, which contains delivery cost as well, to our bank account. It is very important to indicate your name and the number of the proforma-invoice in your bank transfer! When the full amount of the invoice arrives to our account, we will send the package to your address.

You can pay with PayPal on our website.
Placing an order
When the full amount of the proforma-invoice arrives to our account, we will ship the goods to your delivery address by post. If the ordered product is out of stock, we will infrom you about the possible delivery date per e-mail. If you would like to receive the package at a later date, you can indicate such of your request at Note.
Taxes & Duties
Depending on your country of residence, there may be additional taxes or duties added to your order that aren't reflected in our pricing. Contact your local Customs office for those charges. Additionally, some countries may charge an extra handling fee within that country.
What you should have to do if your package disappears?
Wilson-Trading LLC. has an up-to-date recording about orders. If a package doesnt arrive to you, please inform us about the problem in an e-mail to info@petsafe.hu or by phone on +36/89/321-533 or +36/70/947-9675 numbers. We will be able to give you the postal label number, with this you can get information at the local post office. If it has no result, than we will start an inquiry at the post in order to find out what haeppened to the package. In case of any delivery problem please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make the further steps.
Cancel of order, buying back of the product
You can delete your order within 8 hours only in e-mail sent through the webpage.

Please call us or contact via email to further information.